Anatomical Skills for Surgeons and Anatomists

We offer surgeons and anatomists an opportunity to study anatomic landmarks via anatomical dissection on specimens in a professional environment.

Our courses cater to you as experienced assistant doctors or junior specialists/anatomists. You should already have some practical experience in dissecting the relevant anatomical regions.

Lower GI

Juli 8th-9th 2024 | Hands-on-course| Tübingen

Knowledge of anatomical landmarks, their variants and topographical relations is essential for colorectal surgery.

This knowledge is the basis for safety, effectiveness, and patient benefit.

New concepts have been introduced to colorectal surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to reorganize and reevaluate anatomical landmarks.

This course will focus on the right hemicolectomy, the left hemicolectomy, and the high anterior rectal resection.

Course fee: 850 € + 19 % VAT

Course Leaflet


September 30th and October 1st 2024 | Hands-on-course| Tübingen

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